Common names: tek, teak, jati, segun, danalang
Scientific name: tectona grandis
Family: verbenaceae

Teak is native to India, Malaysia, Thailand, but is now grown throughout Asia, especially in Indonesia. This tree grows in the forests of tropical and subtropical regions, it thrives in very wet regions, with alternating wet and dry seasons. It loves well drained soils, loves the temperature between 15 and 40 degrees. It can reach 1000 meters in latitude. The tree can exceed 50 meters in height. For good wood, the tree should be cut to 80 years of age, but in modern crops it is cut after 20/22 years.

Its wood has a honey yellow color, light slightly darkens, assuming a brown color. It is a hard wood, does not rot, resistant to insects. It is great for the construction of furniture, parquet, boat parts.